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The expert team at Charleston Chiropractic Studio is passionately committed to providing Charleston with the finest chiropractic care, utilizing the most advanced techniques available in the field today.


A family business in the heart of Charleston

Dr. Leo and Dr. Kasandra, a spirited husband-wife team, always dreamed of a life on the southern coast. Growing up in the north, the allure of the south's charm and warmth beckoned them. Dr. Leo, already captivated by the beauty of Charleston from previous visits, was keen to share this experience with Dr. Kasandra. In 2017, they visited the city together, and just like Dr. Leo, Dr. Kasandra was charmed by the unique allure of Charleston. This trip sealed their decision to make it their home after Dr. Leo's graduation.

Embracing their new adventure, they embarked on a 20-hour journey to Charleston, their lives packed in a U-Haul and trailing across three vehicles. Now residents of the picturesque West Ashley suburb, they are excited to weave their story into the fabric of this vibrant community.

Charleston has offered them a treasure trove of experiences. From savoring the exquisite local cuisine to enjoying rounds of golf on South Carolina's stunning courses, their leisure time is filled with activities they love. They cherish fishing trips, peaceful walks along the beach, rooting for the Cubs, and relaxing evenings at home with Tucker, their adorable puppy. This blend of southern living and shared passions marks the beginning of their beautiful chapter in Charleston.

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