We LOVE caring for our pregnant mama’s! 🤰Our doctors specialize in pregnancy and pediatric care and have a strong passion for supporting a healthy natural birth! They utilize the Webster Technique to ensure that the birth canal is open and prepared for labor! Chiropractic care 🙌is one of the most essential components of healthcare during pregnancy as it: 

– aligns the spine, pelvis and sacrum to ensure optimal space for your baby
– reduces the chance of a breech baby
– reduces labor time and facilitates labor and delivery
– alleviates common aches and pains associated with pregnancy 
– promotes healthy posture
– decreases chances of Cesarean section or other interventions 
– helps to control symptoms of nausea and fatigue


And most of all, it is an all natural approach to health during a time where drugs and medications 💊 are harmful & contraindicated!

If you are looking to have an all natural birth 🌱, then call our practice today to schedule an initial consultation! 843-852-4141 

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