Have you ever wondered why our doctors look at your FEET before beginning your adjustment? They are actually analyzing your leg length through a diagnostic assessment called the Derifield Leg Check. Leg length discrepancy is an indication of subluxation in your spine! This is actually quite common and referred to as a “functional short leg” . It refers to a difference in the alignment of the supporting structures between the head of the femur and the ground. Often, this subluxation develops because of misalignment between the two bones that make up the pelvis known as ilia. As one ilium rotates forward, the other will compensate and rotate backward. This backward rotation causes the femur to shorten which makes it look like a short leg compared to the other. Excessive rolling of one’s foot as someone walks as well as bowing of the knees, usually referred to as knee valgus, can be another component of functional short leg. Other symptoms include arthritis of the hip, knee and ankle, patellar tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, iliotibial band syndrome, and knee pain. Be sure to get your spine checked today!

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