At CHARLESTON CHIROPRACTIC STUDIO, our primary mission is to uncover the root causes of your health concerns rather than merely treating symptoms with medications or surgeries. We are committed to delivering top-quality care customized to promote your overall well-being. Our goal is to empower you, fostering both physical and spiritual healing, enabling you to live life to its fullest and embrace your God-given potential.
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The chiropractic adjustment is the physical act and the skillful art performed by a doctor of chiropractic, of correcting the vertebral subluxation by hand. With the help of a specific neurological examination, Dr.Kasandra and Dr. Leo will detect the exact location and severity of the primary subluxation, which they will then specifically adjust. The word Chiropractic comes from the Greek term “kheir” which means “by hands only”. This is the reason why both doctors at Charleston Chiropractic Studio adjust with their hands.

Individual Care

Adjustable You

Being aligned brings one to center.

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Coming Back to Center

Adjustment helps the inner flow of energy.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Leo J. Ruettiger, DC, ACP

Doctor of Chiropractic, Co-Owner

Dr. Leo's path to chiropractic began in his hometown, Channahon, Illinois, a quaint suburb in the Chicagoland area. As a young wrestler experiencing back pain, his...

Dr. Kasandra Ruettiger, DC, BS

Doctor of Chiropractic, Co-Owner

Hailing from a small, tight-knit community in northern Ontario, Canada, Dr. Kasandra's story is one of passion and discovery. Growing up in a loving family with an older sister, she...


Chiropractic is a philosophy, science, and art of things natural; a system of adjusting the segments of the spinal column by hand only for the correction of the cause of dis-ease.

R.W. Stephenson


Being Our vision here at Charleston Chiropractic Studio is to create an infinite culture of individuals and families that honor and value their overall health and quality of life. We teach our patients that true health begins on the inside. The human body has an incredible inborn intelligence and is intentionally designed for self healing. Our goal is to encourage our patients to be committed to their health and to live by these principles. Through specific chiropractic care, Dr. Leo and Dr. Kasandra are dedicated to improving the health of the Charleston community, one adjustment at a time!

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